Giving Back

The LoveAgain Doll Project

In 2015 I created the LoveAgain Doll Project because it broke my heart every time I would go to a thrift shop and see all the discarded dolls.

“Why are we doing this? Isn’t there some way to stop these dolls going in the landfill? Couldn’t we fix them up and donate them to people who need them?”

After much trial and error (think over 200 different kinds of dolls in boxes all over the house!) I came to realize that Cabbage Patch Kid dolls are perfect for a donation project because they’re arguably the most durable, lovable and comforting dolls in the world. The were MADE for hugging!

LoveAgain Doll Project

I began upcycling the Cabbage Patch Kids and pretty soon friends and family were finding the dolls in thrift stores or their own closets and bringing them to me for “up-loving”.

To keep supporters updated about the progress of the project I created a group on Facebook and began posting pictures of the reconditioned dolls. Soon I began receiving parcels and boxes from all over the United States – some from as far away as Canada – filled with Cabbage Patch dolls that people were generously donating to the project. I was humbled.

Today I enjoy blogging about  how to find, bathe, repair, and make cute outfits for the Cabbage Patch Kid dolls and reaching out to local women’s shelters.

I and the other volunteers earn no money from the LoveAgain Doll Project. It is simply a network of wonderful people who care about keeping lovable dolls out of the landfill and putting them in the arms of people who need them.

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